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For a wide range of ready available originals, our Etsy shop has artworks in pen ink, watercolour, pencil, acrylic and collages to suit a wide range of interior applications.

Also available are commission works for specific colour ranges and themes which have proven popular with interior designers and those wanting bespoke pieces to fit a particular room and budget.

We will soon be offering licenced digital design pieces in downloadable formats, suitable for graphic applications, tattoo artists and branding.

For all current stock please visit:

      ETSY SHOP -

For commission works, please contact us directly


Whilst every endeavour is made to upload images of the art work that best represents their form and colour, the original pieces are usually more vibrant and detailed in reality. This is particularly the case where metallic paints or metallic collage has been integrated into the piece. This will be indicated on individual pieces along with the dimensions and media type.

Presentation & Packing

All drawings will be sent with a simple white, cream or black card mounting frame. This will be fixed with several pieces of masking tape to allow easy removal, should you wish to re-mount the piece in a style of your choice before your own final framing. In some cases, I will use a card mount to best display the piece which may mean the piece is visual cropped. However, in all cases, the entire original piece will still be suitable for the mounting of your own choice. I have found some customers like the ragged edges of the hand made paper to be visible in their final frames for example, so the choice will be completely yours.

No pieces are sold with final glass frames due to limitations of postage and potential damage. Most customers prefer to select their own frames to suit their decor needs once pieces have been received.


The copyright of all original artwork and prints remains that of  WASPINK 2022 and it is not permitted to replicate the image for commercial purposes without permission from the artist. Exceptions may be applied to particular works, prints or digital media where the copyright of the piece is included within the sale. This will be clearly indicated on applicable pieces. 

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