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12 Bugs For Christmas is a playful and festive re-imagining of the classic Christmas carol, where a series of increasingly grand buggy gifts are given on each of the twelve days of Christmas.

Richly illustrated with humorous creepy-crawlies, this small book is sure to bring a smile.

Click on gallery for a few examples.

Perfect as a small gift ro stocking filler, limited signed editions are available from our Etsy shop, or you can purchase regular copies direct from Amazon using the link below.


The Bug Alphabet Book of Rhymes


Created in 2013, this playful book has a real bug for every letter of the alphabet.


Including insects, arachnids and other invertebrates, each rhyme and verse tells a short story of a specific buggy character.

From Army Ants to Zoo mites, this book also has an educational section at the back, illustrating the diversity and importance of invertebrates for the health of the planet. 

Limited signed editions from our Etsy store, or regular copies direct from Amazon & other online publishers.

COMING THIS AUTUMN!  Online botanical adventure graphic novel


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