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PATTERN2246 copy.jpg
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These patterns are inspired form the natural world.

Using an initial hand drawn pencil & ink drwing, a key stone design is created in geometric repeated patterns..

Suitable for repeat printing multi patterns, or bold and large for drama.

Colour sets and other variations soon to be available

For a full list of current stock please visit our Etsy Shop 

pattern12 copy.jpg
pattern19 copy.jpg
pattern10 copy.jpg
pattern18 copy.jpg
pattern16 copy.jpg
pattern15 copy.jpg
pattern25 copy.jpg
pattern8 copy.jpg
pattern2225 copy.jpg
PATTERN2232 copy.jpg
PATTERN2234 copy.jpg
pattern24 copy.jpg
pattern9 copy.jpg
pattern2226 copy.jpg
PATTERN2230 copy.jpg
PATTERN2231 copy.jpg
pattern2227 copy.jpg
PATTERN2245 copy.jpg
PATTERN2229 copy.jpg
PATTERN2235 copy.jpg
PATTERN2233 copy.jpg
PATTERN2242 copy.jpg
pattern2223 copy.jpg
PATTERN2250 copy.jpg
PATTERN2252 copy.jpg
PATTERN2247 copy.jpg
PATTERN2243 copy.jpg
PATTERN2251 copy.jpg
PATTERN2260 copy.jpg
PATTERN2248 copy.jpg
PATTERN2264 copy.jpg
PATTERN2249 copy.jpg
PATTERN2262 copy.jpg
PATTERN2268 copy.jpg
PATTERN2266 copy.jpg
PATTERN2265 copy.jpg
PATTERN2267 copy.jpg
PATTERN2263 copy.jpg
PATTERN2244 copy.jpg
PATTERN2261 copy.jpg


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